Artificial Beasts

Rupture (Dorothea Poole). Oil on canvas. 130cm x 130cm.

Benevelont (Musa Foster). Oil on canvas. 60cm x 75cm.


Guise (Michael Berardi). Oil on Canvas. 120cm x 130cm.

Apathetic Allegiance (Citlali-Nye). Oil on canvas. 130cm x 130cm.

Ambivalence (Chanda Losnedahl). Oil on canvas. 130cm x 130cm.

Bind (Teutorigos Sauvageau). Oil on canvas. 80cm x 80cm.


Dispersion (Zahide Naoumov). Oil on Canvas. 130cm x 120cm.

Descent (Crina Earls). Oil on canvas. 130cm x 130cm.

Corroded Neon (Anne Ariesen). Oil on canvas. 130cm x 130cm.


The works that form part of this series consist of composite portraits created from various images sourced from the web. The idea is to create fictional identities and inject “life” into them; thus giving them “personhood” and exploring notions around the act of portrayal. Further enhancing their fictional existence is the use of a web-based random name generator, which serves to highlight their virtual origins, but at the same time turns them into more personal entities. In order to complicate these new identities, the portraits draw inspiration from various aesthetic characteristics from pre-Modern portraiture, which instigates a commentary on the act of portrait-making and what it means in a contemporary world full of digital self-identification and self-imaging. This ultimately results in a series of Frankenstein-esque entities that exist within the virtual, the imagined, and the historical realms of portrayal, where they strive for recognition in some ill-defined present-day reality.

Execution (Michelangelo Scott). Oil on canvas. 180cm x 60cm.


Ascendance (Kristina Habicht). Oil and acrylic on canvas. 180cm x 116cm.


Embellish (Nikephoros Rossi). Oil on canvas. 130cm diameter.


Ocular (Ellen-Sharma). Oil on canvas. 110cm diameter.


Prismatic Poise (Urd Rosso). Oil on canvas. 130cm x 112cm.